Holidays in Taiwan – Xiao Liuqiu Island

Xiao Liuqiu (琉球嶼)- This famous island lies 14 km far from southwest of Donggang, in Pingtung. It’s below Kaohsiung city. Liuqiu Island is famous for its unique tectonics.

Sitting on the boat from Donggang to visit Liuqiu Island only takes about 30 minutes. Before landing, hit our eyes is the large vase (花瓶 ).

This “Vase” is the natural masterpiece of Xiao Liuqiu Island.

Xiao Liuqiu is the only beautiful island in Taiwan that is made up of coral reefs. With an area of about 6.8 km2, the island is covered by coral and rock formations miraculous. You guys can visit many places by motorbike or bus.

Many hotels are located on the island. They offer a wide range of modern accommodation, mini-hotels, and resorts to meet all your needs of leisure, snorkeling, and diving.

Xiao Liuqiu brings an exciting experience by exploring the ocean. Popular activities that you guys can enjoy here include glass-bottom boat trips, scuba diving, ecotourism in the tidal area, and enjoy fresh and cheap seafood.

Although it is one of the small islands in Taiwan, Liuqiu Island is equally charming with its long stretches of coastline, clear blue water, and fine white sand. The scene is very wild, peaceful.

On Liuqiu island there is also a cave system of strange and interesting, such as the cave named 美人 洞 (Mei-ren-dong), 烏 鬼洞 (Wu-gui-dong), and many famous places. You can rent a motorbike to the south to see the cliffs stretching out to the sea.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you guys will be immersed in a peaceful and calm space in this Xiao Liuqiu island. Over the years, Xiao Liuqiu Island has become more and more popular, especially those who love to explore the wildlife world.

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