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Nestled in the middle of the mountains is a small town in Wulai District of New Taipei City. It located about 25 km from Taipei City – A new town in the south of Taipei City – Wulai is dubbed the paradise of hot spring tourism. It has a system of waterfalls, swimming pools or walking paths to see rare landscapes and birds, certainly Wulai will be the most unforgettable impression in the Taiwan trip of tourists.



We visited Wulai on a rain day, it’s still so beautiful.


Brief introduction about Wulai

Wulai was formerly the home of the Atayal Aboriginal, one of the largest ethnic groups in Taiwan. When you come to Wulai, you will see that many roads still have their names in their languages and aboriginal images for decoration along the road.

And the name Wulai also comes from the phrase “kirofu ulai” – according to the Atayal Aboriginal language meaning “hot spring”. Wulai hot water area was discovered over 300 years ago. That’s why speaking of Wulai, not only the Atayal Aboriginal culture was mentioned, but also the hot springs.

Wulai hot spring- people even enjoy the hot spring in the rainy day. That’s cool 😀

The Nanshi River bends and brings fresh, cool air. This is the ideal place to enjoy the natural environment, clouds, river, and mountains.

How to get Wulai

You guys need to take MRT to Xindian station and take a bus No. 849 to the last stop.

It takes about 40 minutes by bus if you go on weekends to Wulai and the bus fare is 15 NTD. You might sit on the right side of the bus to see the romantic river throughout the town. If you want to save time to travel more, you can catch a taxi only takes 30 minutes to move but the price is not cheap, you have to pay up to 600 NTD.

How to get Wulai waterfalls:

The first station is the Wulai Log Cart station located at the end of Wulai road. This is where you can catch a “cart” to reach Wulai Falls.

come across the Wulai bridge

then climb up the log cart station

Actually, the cart track is only 1.6km, so we reach the waterfall by the log cart, then we back Wulai station by foot. Each train is about 10 minutes and it priced at 50NT$ each way.

Sitting on the train, you can see the scenery around

We get to the station, get off the train, walk a few steps to the panoramic view of Wulai Waterfall.

The water poured straight from a height of about 80m down to create white streaks as a highlight in the green forest, and then create more mist. With its height, Wulai waterfall becomes the highest waterfall in Northern Taiwan.

After enjoying the beautiful Waterfall, we walked back to the Wulai old street. This road slopes gently downwards, so it is easy to walk while watching the forest, waterfalls and green streams. It’s only about 1km from Wulai Waterfall station to the old town.

Reasonable time to visit Wulai?

Taiwan has a distinct subtropical climate, spring lasts from March to April, Summer from May to September is hot and humid, Autumn from October to November, and Winter from December to February. No matter you visit Wulai for sightseeing or for enjoying hot spring, we recommend you guys to visit there in winter from December to February will be more interesting. Let try it out!

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