Trekking in Bitou Jiao – Taiwan

Welcome to 100 years old Bitou Jiao – Bitou Cape House Light

Not so many tourists know about Bitou Jao LightHouse. It’s located in the northeastern corner of Taipei, Bitou Jiao is the farthest point of Taiwan in this direction, and it’s far from Ximending more than an hour if the road is not too jammed. This place has a white lighthouse named Bitou Cape House Light, which is about 100 years old.


Bitou Jiao Observation


Bitou Jiao is the farthest point of Northeastern (Screen captured from my cell phone)

How to get Bitou from Taipei

  • Depart from Taipei City Hall Bus Station, we take bus No. 2088, get off at the Diaohe Market Station. Here we walk a little bit about 2 minutes to the station Badouzi. Then we take bus No. 791 to go to Bitou Jiao. The total moving time is 2.5 hours.
  • Depart from Taipei West Bus Station, we take bus No. 1811 (only 3 routes depart at 08:20am, 09:20am and 10:20am) to Bitou Jiao.

Let’s trekking up Bitou Jiao hill!

After getting off the bus, you guys walk a little ahead and turn to the left hand side and you will see a small elementary school, where we had the picture below, this is also the road leading to the top hill.

Bitou Elementary School

This is the Bitou Elementary School. It should be the most beautiful school in Taiwan, I think :D, its view right to the sea.

It takes about half an hour to 45 minutes to reach the peak, but the higher up, the wider the view. This road was tiled, with clean and solid handrails.

My Bryan trekking in Bitou Jiao

Going a little further, the road was divided into two recesses, one reclining into the observatory, one going up to the lighthouse. Unluckily for us at that time, the road to the lighthouse is temporarily closed because of the stone landslide, so we went the road continue to the observation deck.

In addition, there is a road leading down to the beach near the sea, here some indigenous people often fishing.

Continue to walk in the small coastal road. This road is only about 2km long. The view here is so amazing. If you guys have a fly-camera, this place is total with you.

Enjoy the fresh air and beauty nature here

The way up the highest point of this mountain.

..then here it is.

From here, we can look down at the fishing village of Bitou fishing port.

Reaching the top hill is seemly you guys finish this Bitou Jiao’s journey, you guys might take a rest before walking down the hill. Hope you guys enjoy trekking Bitou Jiao and hope this review useful for you all.

walking down the hill


Welcome to Bitou Jiao with this crazy photo 😀

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