The best season to travel in Taiwan

Taiwan is a destination now gaining the attention of many tourists. Each season has its own charm.


Spring with Cherry blossom gardens blooming and harmonious scenes are always the imprints that make every tourist who wants to come here. The lowest temperature is from 15 – 22 C degrees and the highest is from 19 C – 27 C degrees. In the period from February to April, Taiwan brings a dry but fresh climate with blooming flowers.

Cherry blossoms in Tian Yuan temple

You should bring a raincoat due to sometimes it rains suddenly.


Taiwan is hot and humid during the summer, usually lasting from June to August. There are often storms and thunderstorms at this time. The lowest temperature ranges between 24 – 28 C degrees and the highest temperature is around 27 – 31 C degrees.

However, don’t be afraid that the summer will be hot. Because Taiwan is surrounded by the sea, it will dispel all the heat of the summer. And this season is seafood season in Taiwan so you can enjoy seafood here. But you will probably find it difficult to enjoy the typical fatty dishes of this place.

This is an appropriate opportunity for those watching the sea in the east, this time the coast blends with the sky giving us a range look wide.

Xiao Liu Qiu Island near Kaohsiung


Besides, autumn is also the best season to travel to Taiwan (From September to November): the autumn in Taiwan has a cool climate (the lowest temperature is from 18 – 27 C degree and the highest is 27 – 30 C degrees ). The weather is dry and often sunny, so it is very convenient for you guys to visit Taiwan with a series of beautiful landscapes and beautiful architecture. In addition, when Autumn comes, Taiwan also wears bright yellow and red colors of the maple trees.

Maples in Fushoushan Farm – Taichung


During the winter, Taiwan will be covered with fog and moisture with the lowest temperature of 13 – 15 C degrees and highest from 17 – 19 C degrees. Winter will last from December to February next year.

This time is only for hot spicy hot pot dishes.

Conclusion and Notes

  • In the period from November to Feb of the following year, this is considered to be Taiwan’s most absent-minded tourist.
  • The transitional season is usually from April to June or September to October. This is the best time to travel to Taiwan island.
  • During the peak season, tourism services will increase by 30-50% compared to weekdays, especially in July and August, as well as the Lunar New Year or every Saturday evening, even in the rainy season in June. This may cause traffic jams and interruption of your travel plan.


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