Sky lantern in Shifen – Taiwan

My friend -Na – visited me in Taiwan, 2018.

A romantic experience in Shifen- Taiwan

Arrive in Taiwan to visit the ancient town of Shifen is a romantic experience. If you are a fan of nostalgic values and traditional culture, Shifen old town in Taiwan is an interesting choice. As you see on my photo, the old town is located right next to a railroad track, previously it was built to transport coal. This track is still active, sometimes you will see some trains running through. At present, people take advantage of the two sides of the track to open souvenir shops and street foods. However, you don’t be afraid when the train arrives, shopkeepers will notify you when the train is approaching. There is no need to use the loud whistle. : )))))

The Chinese words imprinted on wood are “幸福” – it’s “Happy” in English and “Hạnh phúc” in Vietnamese, and “Hạnh phúc” is linked by my name and my boy friend’s name.

In Shifen, the custom of sky lantern has become a traditional culture from the past. So if you visit Shifen, you shouldn’t leave that memorable experience. Lanterns are made of oiled-rice-paper on a bamboo frame in various colors, each of which symbolizes health, property, work, peace, etc., For our lantern when we were there, we chose the red one, and we wrote “ Bình An” in Vietnamese – it means “Peaceful”.

Na is writing her wishes – “Bình An” in Vietnamese means “Peaceful”.

It is quite easy to get Shifen from central Taipei even it’s a bit far, 32km from Taipei City. It takes about an hour or more by public transportation from central Taipei. I visited there more than 5 times, haha, bus, train or taxi are all available for us.

The place for drop up sky lantern is at the old railway line. You also can walk around a few rounds of town, discover the mountainside to admire beautiful Taiwan landscape and the old town through this ancient railway. In addition, you can also shop for souvenirs and spoil delicious food here. Hope you enjoy this romantic Shifen.

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