Rainbow village in Taiwan

We took advantage of visiting Rainbow village to take our wedding photo

In Taichung – Taiwan, there is a small village called “Rainbow Village”, which makes it so called?

The formation of Rainbow Village

Nestled in the magnificent city of Taichung, Rainbow village was originally built as a temporary residence for soldiers the late 1940s and 1950s. However, after liberation, these soldiers chose this place to be their houses.

With the desire of bringing a youthful color to this village and encourage the spirit of themselves- those who stay in this place, they began painting the walls of the village with pictures and, even pictures imitating famous works. It takes about 2 years for them to complete panting those houses.

They paint wherever possible, which is in the wall of houses or fences around the village, even under the street. They painted manga, animal, doll, airplane, or whatever is closest in everyday life.

Enjoy Rainbow village

Rainbow Village is essentially just a big house, including a few small houses for people to live in, so visitors can only take 15-20 minutes to explore all of this place. And the fee to get to this village is completely free.


How to travel to Rainbow Village

Address: No.56, Chun’an Road, Nantun District, Taichung City, Taiwan.

Rainbow Village is located in Nantun district, quite far from Taichung city center. You can reach this village from Highspeed train station or from Taichung train station.

If you depart from Highspeed station, there will be measures such as buses (No. 26-70-99) with cost around 80 NTD or taxis that cost around 600 NTD.

If you depart from the train station, there will be measures such as buses (No. 27-29-30-40) to Pingtung University and then walk into the village or take a taxi. However, the cost of traveling by taxi will be quite expensive (about 1,000 NTD) so you should consider it.

If you depart from the Taichung city center: Taxi fee is approximately 260-300 NTD, Or you can take Bus No. 27-29-30-40.



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