LanYang Museum – Discover Yilan, Taiwan

2018-LanYang museum from outside view

Yilan seems unfamiliar to many tourists, although Yilan is only about 70 km far from Taipei, which is a district of the Taiwan East Coast.

Yilan is deserted, separated completely from dynamic cities, but nature is very favored. The long coast with the small rivers so the plain is filled with fertile silt, surrounded by the green hills. This place is also famous for its hot springs and majestic forests. For this paper, I only focus to talk about LanYang museum – because I was there ;).

Transportation From Taipei to Yilan

By train: From Taipei Main Station (Train station) or Songshan Train station, we bought tickets to Yilan station. It takes 1h30mins. Ticket price: 200-250TWD. We can check in advance train schedule and ticket prices easily from the internet.

I am the one who gets severe on car sick, haha, then I always choose train as the top traveling transportation. Or you guys can move there by bus, it won’t take as much time as train, around 50 minutes. I just give you there some recommendations:

From Taipei Bus station:

  1. Kuo-Kuang bus: Ticket price: 240 NTD /pass.
  2. Kemalan bus : Ticket price: 129 NTD /pass.

From Taipei City Hall MRT Station near exit 3: Take Capital Star Bus (首都 客運), Fare: 120NTD/pass.

Transportation from Yilan to Lanyang Museum

From Yilan bus station, you guys can take the KUO-KUANG bus, Toucheng-Nanfangao Line (from 6am to 9pm, for every 30-40 minutes), down at Toucheng Main Station, it takes approximately 10 minutes from station exit to Lanyang Museum.

For anyone who wants to go directly from Taipei to Lanyang museum: From Taipei, you guys can take the MRT to the Yuanshan MRT station ( Red line, toward Tamsui). At the MRT station, there is a ticket counter for the bus No. 1877 to Yilan (120NTD/pass), down at Wushigang Visitor Center station, it’s a short walk away to reach the museum.

Lanyang Museum

The museum is located near the port of Toucheng Wushih, it used to be a prosperous harbor but flooded now. Inside the museum, it re-enacts the harbor’s history and displays the ocean’s ecosystem, due to Yilan’s long coast is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. The outer museum, it conserves the wetland ecosystem and be the museum’s exterior as well. Regrettably, I didn’t take any pictures inside a museum.

Enjoy with friends in LanYang Museum – Taiwan


Group of my girly friends (^^). Just for fun


The museum has 4 floors, the first 3 floors are displayed fixed and the 4th floor is displayed by theme so it is often changed.

Entry ticket is 100NTD/person, and 80NTD/person for group purchases.

Hope you guys will enjoy Yilan- Lanyang museum – and hope this paper is good for you guys in your journey to discover Yilan, Taiwan.


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