Enjoy maple in Fushoushan – Taiwan

Fushoushan is one of the first-class maple places in Taiwan. Autumn in Taiwan appears late and December is the best time here. If you want to experience the best autumn season, let come here in December!

Perhaps the most colorful picture of Taiwan’s changing leaves is at Fushoushan Farm, one of the mountainous area in Taichung. Be enchanted by the beautiful colors of foliage, and stroll through the poetic farm area.

Because the mountain is so high, the climate is cold all year round. And there is snow in winter. You can also visit the Peaches, Apple and Pear farms here.

Coming to Fushoushan Farm you will get lost in the beautiful scenery with mist-covered mountains. See the variety of plants and flowers.

The farm also serves foods for you. It is a suitable place to relax in autumn.

How to get Fushoushan

From Taipei city: we take the bus: 台北 – 梨山 (Táiběi – lí shān), get out in exit East, gate No. 3.

Departure time at 7:30 am.

Fare: 337NTD / turn.

Bus center Tel: (039) 384171


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