Places to go in Taiwan – Cingjing Farm – Taichung

The endless greens in Cingjing Farm

Cingjing Farm is located in Nantou County (Central of Taiwan), founded in 1961. It is the largest sheep farm in Taiwan. From Taichung, you guys can visit the peaceful Cingjing Farm with the endless greens, enjoy The Swiss Garden and admire the majestic nature from Cingjing Skywalk.

Cingjing is located at 1,700m above the sea level so the weather here is very pleasant, the day is cool and starts to chill at night. That’s why Cingjing Farm is also called a miniature Switzerland of Taiwan.

Cingjing farm is so much beauty with sunshine so we came there nearly at noon. The opening hour is quite freely for us.

For your reference:

💥Opening hours: 8am – 5pm in daily

💥Entry Ticket:

From Mon to Fri: 160 NTD/person

Weekend: 200 NTD/person

💥 Transportation:

From the Taichung Train station, you can take the bus No. 6664- belongs to Nantou Bus (Chinese: 南投客運, Pinyin: Nantou Keyun) to Cingjing farm directly.

Round trip ticket: 600 NTD/person.

In Cingjing farm, you can easily search for hawker areas for lunch. Many restaurants are cooked in Yunnan (China), Xinan (China), or French style with many attractive dishes.



The scenery and beauty of Cingjing Farms vary from season to season.

Especially for the first half of year:

+ In the spring, the flora and vegetation become more alive than ever! Newborn cows and sheep begin their herbivorous activities (usually lasting until June).

+ March: Green Meadows, peaches, pears, and apples will begin to bloom slowly.

+ April: Spring teas will be harvested.

+ May: Bright green chrysanthemums appear in the grazing area and tall rhododendrons are found around the surrounding Hehuan mountain.

+ June to August: There are programs of cutting fleece on green lawns, and you can enjoy New Zealand art right in the grasslands as well. And my suggestion for you guys that you should visit Cingjing farm at this period.

If you guys are the one who wants to enjoy the fresh air, the lush forest, and the flowers planted along the plain or the starry nights, Cingjing Farm is a great place for it. Hope you enjoy!

The fresh air and the lush forest in Cingjing Farm – Taiwan

A group of my friends – We visited Cingjing Farm, 2018




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