Ancient Village Mingun, Myanmar

Mingun Ancient Village is one of the famous names on the Myanmar tourist map. This is an ancient village located on the peaceful Ayeyawadi River and converging famous “treasures” of Myanmar. Mingun Bell and Pahtodawgyi stupa are the main reasons for this place to become attractive to tourists.

It’s around 11km from the northen of Mandalay. From Mandalaya to Mingun, we took about 1 hour by motorbike. We rented the motorbike as one of the hotel services which we stayed in Mandalay. Although the time is quite long but in return we were able to see the peaceful and beautiful scenery on the road.

Mingun Ancient Village is not far from the ancient capital of Mandalay and is a famous tourist destination but the place is not affected too much by the lively and noisy rhythm, whereas the space here is extremely peaceful and quiet with the appearance typical of a village.

Pahtodawgyi stupa in Mingun

It is expected that if the temple is completed, it will be about 150m high and be the largest Buddhist base in the world. In a devastating earthquake, the top of the temple collapsed and could not be overcome.

Each base of the stupa is 460 feet long -more than 150meter.

Visiting this stupa, you guys will feel overwhelmed by an orange-colored building with extremely majestic and outstanding fired bricks. The four sides of the stupa are colorless due to the exposure of the light. The entrance to the stupa is very small but the space inside is spacious. In 183 this stupa was cracked due to an earthquake, but it was these cracks that made Pahtodawgyi stupa more mysterious.

The hanging Mingun bell most intact in the world

This is the only hanging bell in the world intact. Mingun Bell is not far from the Pahtodawgyi stupa, this bell was made in 1808.

Mingun Bell is a living demonstration of the talent of ancient Myanmar metalmakers. The bell has a height of over 4 meter, the bell mouth is more than 5 meter wide. This bronze bell weighs 90 tons.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Mingun ancient village, you should definitely explore these locations.

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