Hi, we are Hanny and Bryan.

We are both Vietnamese, we moved to Taiwan for studying Master program. Currently, we live in Taiwan to experience this beautiful place.

We both like traveling so we know what you guys concern as we go abroad for exploring this world. Do you guys consider about if your trip is safety, costly, enjoyable? Yeah, it’s what Polyhappy will share to all you guys.

All our posts are from our real experiences, so we hope to contribute valuable references to all you guys. Wish all you guys have a nice trip.

Last but not least, are you guys curious why our webpage’s name is Poly-Happy?

Happy” in English means “Hạnh phúc” in Vietnamese, and “Hạnh phúc” is linked by my name and my boy friend’s name.

Poly” in Greek means “many”.

Then Poly-Happy means a string of happiness as our definition.

I and my boyfriend- Bryan